About Clark Animal Hospital in Rahway, New Jersey

We are a full service hospital that routinely provides vaccines, microchipping, physical exams, treatment of sick animals, hospitalizations, treatment of accident patients, bite wounds, emergency surgery, spays (ovario-hysterectomies), neuters, radiology (X-Rays), ultrasound, ECGs (echocardiograms) for evaluating the heart, and endoscopy for diagnosing and treating internal problems. We use one of the most advanced laboratories in USA for performing lab tests with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Usually, the blood test results are available the same or the next day. General medical cases and surgeries are handled by all of our veterinarians on staff. For your convenience, we also do grooming boarding and daycare.
Our doctors take an active interest in continuing their professional education to keep abreast with the latest techniques in surgery, radiology, medicine, dentistry and modalities like ultrasound and endoscopy. Each veterinarian practicing at Clark Animal Hospital has over 20 hours of continuing education per year, even though the New Jersey Medical Board only requires 20 hours of continuing education per every two years. This commitment to enhance our skills and education keeps us in the forefront of veterinary medicine.
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Enhanced Surgical Care at Clark Animal Hospital: When choosing a surgeon for one's pet, one should keep in mind some basic tenets of excellence that characterize certain hospitals. Clark Animal Hospital prides itself in providing excellence to the care of animals. The following services are included in all routine SPAYS and NEUTERS, unless not needed by the pet.
Prophylactic Antibiotic injection, Pain killer (analgesic) injection, intra-venous or sub-cutaneous fluid therapy (before, during and after surgery), Pulse-Oxymeter (to monitor Oxygen concentration in the blood during surgical procedure), Heart rate monitor, Blood Pressure monitor, Sterile surgical pack for every surgery, monitoring of the anesthetized patient by a well trained surgical assistant, gas anesthesia for reducing anesthetic related complications, and monitoring during recovery of the patient from anesthesia. Additionally, at the time of discharge, each surgical patient is explained and sent home with a printed post surgical home care instruction sheet that explains how to care for the patient at home and information regarding any potential complications.
Also, a pre-surgical/pre-anesthesia blood test is mandatory for all patients, so that the risk of surgery can be minimized.

Additional Enhanced Care Services: Radiography (X-Rays) to detect possible underlying health problems, especially for middle age to senior pets. ElectroCardioGram (ECG) that are read by a Board Certified Specialist prior to surgery.
These enhanced care services add to the cost of the surgery, but ensure a greater level of care and lesser risk for the patient.

Services by Board Certified Specialists: We have facilities for specialists to come in and perform specialized surgeries when needed. Clark Animal Hospital also has tele-medicine access to other Board Certified Specialists in Cardiology, Radiology, and Internal Medicine for cases that need a faster resolution. We routinely send ultrasound images and patient data over the internet to specialists for faster diagnosis and care of your beloved pets.

Medicines: We are consistently cheaper than all 'Pet-Med' online pharmacies for products like Frontline Plus, Advantage, Revolution, Heartgard Plus and many other prescription medications. When you purchase medications directly from your licensed veterinarian, you have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you are getting genuine products straight from the manufacturer instead of unknown sources. We can also mail your pet's medications directly to your home. Just give us a call or drop us an email at info@clarkvet.com, and we will solve your "Where to buy meds for my pets" dilemma, much easier and cheaper than you thought!