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No amount of money will buy you or your pet health; but what we promise to deliver is a great professional effort to make your pet better. Results are never guaranteed, but fortunately most patients will respond favorably to the treatments and medicines. Just like in human medicine, there comes a time when no amount or quality of medical care can help the patient, and such times are invariably stressful for the veterinarians as well as for the pets' families.
We have been providing veterinary medical service to the community for more than 60 years. We are very grateful for receiving hundreds of momentos, gifts, letters and cards expressing owners' gratitude every year. We will continue to strive and to provide great service to you, service that is second to none. In the practice of veterinary medicine, where animals are unable to express their exact pain and suffering, and where pet owners are usually stressed out because of untimely or unexpected illness of their pets, we will continue to do our best to help your pets.
Most people understand that we are in this profession because we love to eliminate pain and suffering from the animals' lives. In pursuing this lofty but difficult goal there are many difficulties. Financial and emotional burden of the pet's family, and sometimes not getting the great health results that were expected, even after spending a lot of time, money and effort are some such difficulties. We do travel the distance with you, cope with stress, efficiently and proficiently providing medical care for your pets while also giving discounts to needy families where possible.

If our doctors and staff have done a great job for your pet, please feel free to share your good feelings. This is what keeps us going! If there was something wanting, please,feel free to talk with us on the phone, in person, in writing, or if you prefer, here on the review section. Please do give us an opportunity to make things right for you before you write a public review that millions of people can read.
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