Our mission and philosophy in Rahway, New Jersey

To provide an excellent standard of care, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clientele.
To provide excellent veterinary services, information, education, options, alternatives, and practical solutions to our clientele that will allow them to take care of their animal companions in the best suitable way.
To enable our clientele, through transmission of knowledge, to protect and preserve the health of its animals as well as its own, by preventing and controlling animal diseases and zoonoses (diseases shared between animals and humans).
To help our clients afford the cost of veterinary care of their pets. If you cannot afford to pay on the day the services are to be rendered, we will help you to obtain credit through a third party company called CARE CREDIT that may lend you the money at no interest for 6 months, so you may take care of your beloved pet in it's time of need.
To provide a pleasant atmosphere to our clients and to our animal patients.
Every practice has a philosophy, an underlying set of ethics and principles that govern and guide the everyday actions of the doctors and their staff members while dealing with their clients and pets. We have been in practice for a long time and we have always believed that:
1. Our clients should be able to walk in our door any time they feel it is needed. A sick animal’s owners should not have to worry about getting an appointment while their pet is getting worse in the meantime. We will go the extra mile to adjust our time schedules to take proper care of your pet. Appointments are needed to make the workflow organized and to facilitate the expeditious care of clients’ pets, but we will always receive you with courtesy even if you do not have an appointment. In other words, walk-ins are always welcome, like they should be in any good hospital.
2. Once we have listened to your concerns, we will offer you solutions that are best for the pet. The ideal treatments may not be practical for you in every situation, so we will listen to your concerns and bring you to a point where you are able to provide for your pet’s treatments. We will guide you through each step that is needed by your pet. We will inform you of what the pet has by way of illness, what it will entail to fix it, in how much time, with what success rate, and how much it will cost you. Only with your permission will we embark on this journey of healing your pet. We want you to be in charge of the situation at all times, since you are the ambassador of your pet and your pet is not talking to us!
3. We are always striving for excellence in veterinary care, techniques, technology and education. In the pursuit of excellence second to none, we often find ourselves very comfortable in dealing with complex medical and surgical situations. Our philosophy is to bring you to the same page that we are on, so you may make the best decisions for your pet.
4. We will do all we can to make the treatment of your pet as affordable as possible, without compromising quality and efficiency of the care. We will do our best to make you and your pet comfortable, to offer you a courteous and clean environment.
5. Our doctors and staff members do not work on commission, production percentage or what some veterinary hospital owners euphemistically call ‘production bonuses’. We work for you and your pet, so that there is no ‘incentive’ for any of us to run un-necessary tests on your pet or to offer you services or products that are not needed by your pet. The health care decisions by us do not get influenced by factors other than the condition of the pet and you the pet owners’ will.
We would not like to go to a human hospital where nurses and doctors worked on commission, so that the more tests and services they performed on us the more salary they would make. We would like to go to a hospital where the good doctors work following the old code of medicine, whereby “First, do no harm” is one of the main tenets. Secondly, we do not believe that the health care profession should be relegated to the status of an ‘industry’, like in ‘health care industry’. We firmly believe that the health care profession for animals and also for humans should remain a noble profession that it has been for millennia. Any attempts to inject concepts like “production bonus” to the doctors/veterinarians and hospital employees will instantly compromise the quality of health care by diverting the care givers’ attention and motivation to goals extraneous to the patient’s total wellbeing.
Therefore, we firmly believe that you the public should always ask if the doctors and the staff of the hospital are on a commission, or a “production bonus’ kind of salary structure before choosing them as your or your pet’s healthcare providers. This is what we call an informed decision making for you and for the life of your pet.
Again, we are proud of the fact that we at Clark Animal Hospital will always be on your and your pets’ side, and we will never be on ‘commission’, production bonus or anything like that. We are proud of our noble profession and we will be the ‘good doctors’ for your pets.
6. When you come in, we will inform you about the preventive measures you can take to keep your pets in good health. We are not trying to ‘sell’ you ‘products’ or ‘tests’ … we are trying to educate you about preventive medicine. The decisions and the resulting rewards of good health for your pet are entirely yours. We are here to help.
7. We are in this profession because we love to treat animals … we like to take their pain and suffering away. But, we realize that you are the pet’s owners and therefore we give you the human, every respect and attention that you deserve. So, we love animals, but we love humans no less! We will treat your pets just the way we will treat our own, nay, just the way we will treat ourselves.