Complete Veterinary Services in Rahway, New Jersey

Clark Animal Hospital provides complete veterinary services. General surgeries are performed by our chief veterinary surgeon and our team of associate veterinarians. Both traditional surgical techniques as well as modern Radio-surgery are utilized.
We proudly offer the following:
  • Vaccinations for Puppies & Kittens, Adult Dogs & Cats
  • Wellness Exams for new pets of all ages
  • Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment, including Hospitalization of sick animals
  • Diagnostic services include Blood tests, X-rays, Ultrasound, Biopsies, Autopsies, Endoscopy, ECGs, Telemedicine access to Board Certfied Specialists in Radiology, Cardiology, and Medicine. We have privileges to access the Specialists on phone as needed regarding your pet's medical results and advice.
  • Export Health Exams & Certificates for pets traveling, both domestic and international
  • Spay / Neuter surgeries
  • Ruptured Cruciate Ligament surgery, (RACL), Luxating patella surgery.
  • Boarding. We also offer daycare for your pets, in case you need to drop them off every morning and pick them up every evening. Your pet would be happy, safe and secure with us, giving you peace of mind.
  • Professional Pet Grooming, Basic Baths, Nail Trims, Ear Cleaning, and Anal Gland Expression
  • Cosmetic surgeries for dogs, like Eyelid Corrective surgeries, Nostril Enlargement, Tail Docks, and Dewclaw removal
  • Emergency surgeries for dogs and cats like bladder stones, pyometra, accidental wound treatments, lacerations, dog bites, abscesses, fractures etc.
  • Nutritional profiling to determine which diet is best for your pet. We carry a large selection of prescription pet food.
  • Senior Pet Exams, to detect early the silent conditions like renal disease, heart disease, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction syndrome (old dog mental illness), as well as more prominent diseases like incontinence, dental diseases, prostate problems, tumors, cancers, anemia, jaundice, anorexia, cataracts, and a host of other age related illnesses. We can positively intervene in many cases and provide many more meaningful years to your pet companion.
We aim to enhance the quality of life for your pet. We have a number of means to achieve this. You are welcome to visit us with or without your pet to check into these modern modalities that will make life easier and a pleasure for your pet!
All pets that are not to be used for breeding should be spayed (female) and neutered (males). It is best to do this between 5-6 months of age, although it can be done anytime later also. By spaying your female dog or cat, you eliminate future complications like pyometra (pus in the uterus), mammary cancer, unwanted pregnancies etc. Also, you won't have to deal with vaginal bleeding when she comes in heat. Most importantly, she will live healthier & longer life. Similarly, neutering makes males much more friendly and docile. It helps to eliminate aggression and urine marking behavior. It eliminates chances of prostate and testicular cancer. It is the most responsible thing to do for your pet.
Pets need dental care just like people do. All pets should get their teeth brushed at least three times a week and should get a mouth wash at least once a day. Many pets are prone to getting dental tartar and gingivitis. This can be easily treated in hospital. The pet is given a basic blood test (pre anesthesia blood test). After reviewing the results, we will sedate the pet and clean the teeth with an Ultrasonic machine. Then the teeth may be polished and treated with iodine. The pet comes out of sedation in an hour or so and is sent home the same day with mouth wash, pain killers if needed, antibiotics and brushing kit. Some pets get T/d, a special diet that helps to maintain tartar free teeth. Remember, gingivitis is a serious condition and can lead to heart disease and kidney disease, resulting in lowered quality of life and shortening of life span of the pet. We recommend dentistry at least once a year for all pets. While dentistry is being performed, each tooth is examined carefully, and very loose teeth that are infected and hence pose a health risk, are extracted.
Dog Teeth - Dental Issue in Rahway, NJ