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Dr. Anant V. Joshi, B.V.Sc. & A.H., D.V.M. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Dr. Anant V. Joshi, B.V.Sc. & A.H., D.V.M.

Director and Chief Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Anant V Joshi is Clark Animal Hospital's Director and Chief Veterinary surgeon. He obtained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry degree, which is a professional doctorate, from India in 1983. After arriving to North America, Dr. Joshi enrolled at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, in Canada, where he was voted student body president. In 1994, he earned his D.V.M. and graduated from Western College with his second professional degree in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Joshi is licensed to practice veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry in both New Jersey and California. He has been serving Rahway and the surrounding communities since September of 1993.

He is very interested in epidemiology of infectious diseases and how they affect both people (zoonoses) and animals. Over the last several years, Dr. Joshi has taken many advanced continuing education courses, including courses in Stem Cell Therapy, Orthopedic Surgery, Ultrasound and Echocardiography.

Clark Animal Hospital team members all unanimously agree that Dr. Joshi is a great leader, in addition to being a very skilled veterinary surgeon and a sincerely compassionate and professional veterinarian. He takes great joy in educating his team and his clients to help ensure that all pets maintain the highest quality of life and health.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and his three Siberian Huskies (Blaze, Bella and Leo). He is an avid reader of books on a vast spectrum of subjects from linguistics, archeology, philosophy, religion, poetry, biology and physics to literature. He is an amateur photographer and takes great interest in photographing nature, animals and people.

"We are all made up of the same stuff. We humans are close relatives of our animals. We need to treat them as such. They give us unconditional love and they deserve our love and care,

Clark Animal Hospital brings to you old fashioned care and hospitality; state of the art veterinary medical care, technique and technology; great ethos that should be the hallmark of this noble profession: working for you and your animals, no appointments needed, never working on commission basis, keeping the human factor at the forefront, pursuit of perfection in veterinary care in all its respects, and going that extra mile to make things happen for you and for your beloved pets." - Anant V Joshi DVM

Heather Hoglund, DVM - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Heather Hoglund, D.V.M., M.B.A.

Team member since May 2006

Dr. Hoglund has been working in the veterinary field for over twelve years. She first joined Clark Animal Hospital in 2006 as a part-time veterinary assistant while she completed her undergraduate studies. She eventually accomplished her life long dream and joined our team as a licensed veterinarian in 2016.
Dr. Hoglund attended Rutgers University for her undergraduate studies and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science (Pre-Veterinary concentration). In the spring of 2010, Dr. Hoglund was accepted into St. Matthew's University on Grand Cayman Island to study veterinary medicine and completed her clinical veterinary studies at the University of Georgia. Dr. Hoglund also obtained a Master of Business degree with a concentration in healthcare management at Davenport University and graduated in 2017.

In her spare time, Dr. Hoglund enjoys exploring the great outdoors, photography and knitting. She is a proud pet parent to a beautiful pastel calico kitty named Daisy, chinchillas (Angora, Chiffon, and Tribble), and two pet rats.
We are all extremely proud to have been a part of her success and to see her accomplish her dream.
“I love working at Clark Animal Hospital. Of all the clinics and hospitals I have worked in over the years, Clark Animal Hospital has been the only hospital to have a sincere hometown family feel. There are no corporate pressures and the staff does not work on a commission basis, so this ensures an excellent quality of care and service. Additionally, it has been great working in a hospital where we can really bond with our clients/patients while still upholding the highest standards of veterinary medicine. I am proud to be a member of the Clark Animal Hospital family.

Additionally, Dr. Joshi is and has been a great mentor and I appreciate all he has and continues to do for me throughout my many years of working here. I have been given the chance to grow both as a person and a veterinarian. He inspires me to be better every day.” - Dr. Hoglund

Team Members
Tania Rodrigues - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Tania Rodrigues, Hospital Manager

Team member since August 2000

Tania is an extremely inspiring person whom we are proud to call our Hospital Manager.
She is a very efficient and compassionate person who knows most clients and patients by name. Even on our busiest days, she will always manage our schedule to fit in last minute appointment requests to ensure that your pet gets the care that they need, when they need it. In addition to being an avid animal lover, she sincerely loves working with the public and members of our community. She takes great joy in educating and helping our clients, as well as fellow team members.

In addition to her duties at Clark Animal Hospital, Tania is also an accomplished photographer, bird & wildlife conservation enthusiast and freelance makeup artist. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, reading, playing the piano and spending time with her two legged and four legged family members.

She is a proud pet parent to two pugs, three cats & two birds.
“I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing team of skilled professionals and caring individuals who share my love of people, education, animals and the pursuit of excellence in veterinary medicine. Our entire team has a sincere passion for helping pets and will always go the extra mile to help them and human family members.” - Tania
Miguel C. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Miguel C.

Team member since October 2003

Miguel works with us as a Senior Veterinary Technician and Surgical Assistant. He graduated in 1991 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the National University of Cajamarca, Peru and is still a licensed veterinarian in Peru. Miguel aspires to one day be a licensed veterinarian in the USA as well. He is an extremely hardworking, skilled and knowledgeable person who is also fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We consider him a valued team member and we are happy to have him as a part of the Clark Animal Hospital family. In his spare time Miguel is a very active member of his local church and greatly enjoys spending time with family and friends.
“Veterinary medicine has always been a passion of mine and there is nothing that can compare to the friendship and love an animal can give. I really enjoy being a part of the Clark Animal Hospital family and doing what I love the most, helping all the little angels (also known as pets).” - Miguel
Joshua R. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Joshua R.

Team member since January 2010

Joshua is a valued team member who works with us as a both a Veterinary Technician and Client Service Representative. In addition to working with us full-time, he is also a full-time college student and is working very hard towards his goal of becoming a doctor. He is extremely intelligent and loves learning about how he can help animals and their owners. Joshua is the proud pet parent of his Bichon Frise Apollo. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family.
“Clark Animal Hospital is an amazing place with the kindest, most caring and thoughtful staff. I truly believe there is nothing that can compare to helping an animal that is in need. Working for Clark Animal Hospital has helped me so much in life and I am proud to be a member of a team whose love for all animals is paramount. Working here has been a tremendous opportunity for me and I am very grateful to be able to work at a place that I love.” - Joshua
Bryan M. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Bryan M.

Team member since August 2010

Bryan is a wonderful young man who has a true passion for learning. Since his first days as a kennel worker, he has grown considerably as both an individual and as a team player. In addition to being one of our full-time Veterinary Technicians, Bryan is also a full-time college student who is working hard to one day fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a News Anchorman. He loves all animals and hopes to have a Siberian Husky one day. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending long hours at the gym, traveling and spending time with loved ones.
“Clark Animal Hospital has helped me mature as both a person and business individual. They have been a staple definition of what people should expect from their veterinarian. The staff here is filled with passionate and caring people who will go above and beyond to help. Since I never was able to have pets growing up; Clark Animal Hospital has been an amazing outlet for me to experience and interact with thousands of amazing animals and I am very proud to work here.” - Bryan
Brandon Marrero - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Brandon M.

Team member since April 2014.

Bio coming soon.

"Clark Animal Hospital has been a second home to me. I will always be grateful to Dr. Joshi for all he has taught me about client service, animal care, professionalism, integrity, compassion and life in general. These valuable lessons will always be remembered and implemented in not only my professional life, but in my personal life as well. Everyday I come to work with a smile on my face because I can honestly say I love my job. Additionally, I am grateful for my wonderful team members whom I consider family and for being able to help people and their furry family members."

- Brandon
Suzette G. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Suzette G.

Team member since August 2016.

Suzette works with us as a kennel and veterinary assistant. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and is always ready to help people and their pets. She has been a very quick learner and truly enjoys working with animals. Suzette is currently working towards her goal of becoming a certified veterinary technician. We have full faith that she will one day accomplish her dream and we completely support her as she pursues her goal. Suzette is the also a proud pet parent of a her cat Midori, Cocker spaniel Honey and her two ferrets Niko & Kodama. In her spare time Suzette enjoys creating art and working with various art mediums.

“Since I was little, I have always really loved animals and bringing them home to try to help them. Clark Animal Hospital is a great place and I am happy to be a part of a team that loves animals as much as I do. I also love that we get to meet new people every day and are able to help a lot of pets and their owners.” - Suzette
Ashley - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Ashley H.

Team member since February 2017.

Ashley works with us as a client service representative and veterinary assistant. She has a deep rooted passion for animals and been working in the animal industry for over ten years. We are happy to have her as part of our team. Ashley is the proud pet parent of an adorable Boston Terrier named Lexi. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two young children, loving husband and of course Lexi.

“I have always loved animals and being in a position where I can help them. I know my team at Clark Animal Hospital feels the same and I am happy they have given me the opportunity to be a part of their team so I can continue to do what I am passionate about. It is a truly great feeling to be able to give back to the pets that give us so much love and companionship.” - Ashley
Erick Palma - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

erick p.

Team member since January 2018.

Bio coming soon.

"My team members have taught me how important and rewarding it is to go the extra mile for our patients so that they can leave our hospital happy and healthy. So far, the best part of working at Clark Animal Hospital has definitely been the experience of helping sick pets recover and seeing them happily return home to their grateful families. I will always be thankful to Dr. Joshi for giving me the opportunity to work for an organization that shares my love of helping both animals and people."

- Erick
Brian R. - Veterinarians in Rahway, NJ

Bryan F.

Team member since March 2018.

Bio coming soon.
“I love working at Clark Animal Hospital and being able to help animals. I will always be grateful to Dr. Joshi and my team members for welcoming me into their team and for all they are teaching me. They really are a great group of professional, knowledgeable and compassionate people. I sincerely appreciate this tremendous opportunity "
- Bryan